Story Behind the Name


The name 'Blue Ridge Bell' tells my story. Yes, it is a play on words of the term 'southern belle', but it is also so much more.


In a small town surrounded by mountains, there is a house that I have called home my entire life. I learned to ride a bike in our cul-de-sac, watched nurseries and play rooms fade away, cooked meals with my mother, and played one-on-one basketball with my dad. 


In the town, I got my first job in a local sandwich shop and watched it grow, went on countless Dairy Queen runs with friends, cheered at Friday Night lights, started dating, and gained so many amazing friends. 

These are my roots and they lie in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia.

The 'Bell' part of the name provides a little bit of contrast. Bells symbolize dreaming. While I appreciate my roots and love them dearly, I also have so many dreams I want to accomplish. It is time to actually chase my dreams with no fear. 

'Blue Ridge Bell' describes where I've been and where I am going. 

Where should I plan to travel to next?