Backpacking Through Belgium


We woke up before the sun to the sound of our alarms. Belgium was calling our name and we couldn't wait for the adventure. We had no expectations and hardly anything planned. 


A great surprise to us was the consumable aspect of Belgium. If health wasn't important and I only had to consider taste satisfaction, I could live off of the Belgium staples for the rest of my life. Unfortunately, I don't think one's body allows for the amount of carbs and sugar we consumed long-term. We enjoyed croissants and coffee while relaxing by the beach and street corners to begin our days. Somewhere during the day we would grab some frites (fries but so much better). Oh and can't forget the delicious waffles loaded with toppings. Also, I think we'd rather not say how much delicious Belgian chocolate we all bought. Definitely no regrets though. 


When we weren't enjoying food (which was rare), we were walking around looking at the surrounding scenery. Sometimes, it felt so unreal. I got to experience the UNESCO protected, Grand Place. We just got to relax in this large square with the most beautiful buildings all around us. The atmosphere of this place was amazing. So much culture and beauty and we just got to take it all in.


One day we got to spend the day on the beaches of Belgium. I got to be completely in my element. With the sand beneath our feet, a constant breeze, and waves washing up on the shore near us, we played games, had a picnic, took pictures, shared stories, and relaxed the day away. 

I have to say, for a bunch a college students to plan, this was quite the vacation.