Iceland: My Leap of Faith Adventure

Ever been in a land that you can see God in its nature?

Iceland is just that. The balance of this breathtaking land is remarkable. After 10 days absorbing the beauty of its raging volcanoes, living ice structures, lush green mountains, and continuous water movements, I felt like I had truly experienced God and his faces.


When asked my favorite moment from this experience, how could I choose? It could be swimming in pools of water heated by the earth’s natural hot spots. It was a relaxing time with the chill of Icelandic air and comforting warmth of the water. We sat among the rocks while water flowed over us.


Perhaps it was hiking to the top of God’s great creations such as volcanoes and glaciers. There was always the moment when I would realize the surface beneath me. I was living in moments where I was walking on glaciers or remnants of a volcanic eruption. After I realized this, I would look up. God painted scenes in front of me that no picture could do justice. Then, we would celebrate at the end. We accomplished it together and went through an unforgettable experience.


Possibly, it was one of the simplest evenings of my lifetime. We traveled into the highlands of Iceland, the most remote area of the country. There we laid eyes on cabins that held just enough beds, three picnic tables, a counter, and a sink. There was not even any electricity or showers. Yet, it was an amazing experience. As a group of people who were just getting to know and appreciate each other, we laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Games were played, laughs were made, and Christ was glorified. Individuals competed in cards or other games until the sun left us. Then, we enjoyed some delicious, grilled lamb. After, we worshiped God by sharing our testimonies and singing songs of praise while the sole illumination was candlelight. The night could have stopped here and I would have been more than content. However, to finish the night, we stepped outside of the cabin, bundled in our coats and blankets, and watched the northern lights dance through the sky.


Iceland, thank you for amazing me. You have granted me the opportunity to see a land touched by God’s power and peace. You have given me an experience I will never forget and friendships that are just beginning.