Theatre: What I never knew I loved

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Tears begin to fill my eyes. I'm gripping hands with my friend hoping she doesn't mind but then realizing her hold is just as strong. I am filled with emotion as an observer of the scene all while feeling as if I am a part of it as well. 

Just prior, I was in amazement at the visual appeal of stage coordination and inclusion of the audience into the scene. How did you make that person disappear so smoothly? 


Before that, I was trying to make sure I was containing my laugh (it can get pretty obnoxious) because the jokes just kept on coming.  

The place I go through this roller coaster ride of emotion is none other than the theatre, my favorite place to be in London. This will be what I miss the most when I leave. Back home, there isn't even a movie theater in my little town let alone a good place to see a play.  


Ah yes, I sure will miss it. There is just something about dressing up, putting on that lipstick you wouldn't otherwise ever wear, the anticipation build up as you walk with your friends to see it, and the adrenaline rush you feel during intermission. If you want the true London experience, make sure you see at least one of these amazing productions. The only thing you'll regret is most likely going to be that you didn't invest in waterproof make-up. 


What is your favorite thing to do for a night out? 

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