Always Say Yes: It May Lead to Opening a Business

I've always enjoyed baking because it was a love my mother passed down to me. However, it transformed into a budding love when an old family friend offered me a job at her successful bakery.


Slowly, I began to learn skills under her guidance. When she decided to take a step back to focus on her family, I started to work for the other tenant of the building who added a bakery to her business. (Confusing, I know)

My boss completely put her trust in me and leaned on my to run the bakery operations. When she asked me if I would start decorating cakes, I hid the fear and for some crazy reason said yes. What an amazing decision that was!

cake and sunrise.jpg

After a lot of late nights, stressful situations, Pinterest overload, and Youtube videos, and countless fails, I began to start decorating cakes. I loved my job there and never felt like it was work. When my semester ended and I was heading home, I could not picture my summer without the bakery.

My baking hands quickly became restless. I decided that I couldn't hold off any longer and made a simple Facebook post to family and friends. I stated that I would love to make some delicious baked treats for anyone that wanted them to make a little extra money for the summer. The orders began to flood in.


Then, thanks to some amazing people in my life, I decided to face my fears and say yes once again. I decided to turn it into a bakery. Business cards were made, equipment was ordered, and a website was thrown up. The rest is history. I have love this growing business and am so glad I decided to say yes.