Eat Like a Brit: Scone Version


There aren't many afternoons that get better than playing with an adorable baby, cute kids running around, being surrounded by amazing friends, and cooking up some delicious scones.  

Now let's be honest. Some may have gotten hit in the face with a ball by the children (possibly more than once) and the baby might have spit up on me. Also, we all had some pretty messy fingers once we were done baking those scones but I'm not really complaining about that one.

IMG_20171024_142144018 (2).jpg

If we're still being completely honest, when I saw scone making written on the itinerary before I left the states I was overjoyed to learn how to make some delicious AMERICAN scones. I was slightly disappointed when I got over here and realized scones in the UK were not at all what I had in mind. 

However, after trying one, my disappointment quickly faded away. Scones in the UK are essentially a denser and sweeter version of a biscuit. Doesn't sound like anything fancy.... until you top the scone. 


Brits top their scones with clotted cream and jam. May not sound like much or even good sounding, but let me tell you, they are definitely worth trying. I was hesitant too, but just trust me.

If you want to have a taste of England in your kitchen, below is a picture to learn how to make these delicious treats. Add a cute cup, some tea, and just a splash of milk and you are on your way to being a true Brit yourself. Cheers loves!