Agape Asia

Every time I turn around I see an excellent, noble charity that would love if I could donate my money to them, but the simple truth is, I just can’t afford to give to every single one of them. I wish there could be no illnesses, no poverty, and pain. So how do I decide?

Well, first, I just automatically lean towards any charity that helps children. I have a huge soft spot in my heart for them, because of their innocence and potential. They are who God has called us to aspire to be like, so I will honor that by providing for them.

Even so, there are still thousands, if not millions of charities, that fit that category. I’m not the only one who recognizes the importance of helping children.

So when I began the search, I was looking for organizations that valued children because of God’s love for them, their innocence, and their potential; I found Agape Asia.

This organization finds needy children and does more for them than I could have ever imagined. Not to discredit any of the other amazing organizations out there, but with Agape Asia it was more than just providing for a child’s food or one specific aspect in their lives. It cared for them as a person, one of God’s beloved and carefully created.

I loved that Agape Asia created a community of support and love for the children that stayed with them through the hard times during their life. While Agape Asia covers children’s basic needs, such as, food, a place to live, clothes, etc., they also guide them. They provide them with an education, funds for their medical needs, mentoring, and knowledge about God.

It isn’t an organization. It is a family.

Also, while this may seem selfish, I also love that this isn’t a one-time donation that I never get to keep up with. I get the amazing opportunity to know who I’m financially supporting, the dreams that I’m making happen, and the person that I’m blessed with helping. I see their face over the years. I hear their struggles. I pray for them.

I get to love them.

My donations are more than just a financial contribution that help someone else. My donation for the beautiful soul I learn about helps more grow as well. That is how Agape Asia has helped a child and has helped me.

If you have a giving spirit and want to feel this same amount of pride, please visit:


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